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I have been up to many things. Unfortunately, one of them isn’t a lot of book writing. Too many distractions. Covid, family, to-do lists, personal growth, side projects, podcasting, deviations, promotions, art projects, letter writing, that one damn squirrel and a little bit of stress have all made it difficult to focus.

But Iso has a plan. I have pre-recorded a lot of podcasts, settled some family things, and slowed down on the side projects and given writing the priority for the next three or four months. I am going to descend into the writing cave (my head) and stay there until I have lots and lots of things finished. I am serious. I may even log out of social media.

Some things you should know: I will try to post podcasts on Fridays at Isoellen Writes Adult Story Time. Search for me on most podcasting platforms to find me. There is also a built in player in the media section of this website.

You will be able to find my work: poems and the short story, Sophie and Micah, in the Indulgent Desires Magazine. Click here to check that out.

Sophie and Micha will be behind the pay wall, however, so you will need a subscription. I have loved working with this team. It has given me a chance to add pictures and audio to my words, and that was a goal I had in 2020.

And I am hoping to release Finding Her Luck in January. Because ownership of the short story Proper Behavior from the Auctioned Anthology will come back to me, I will be expanding the story Proper Behavior to release as a short novel. I am not sure if there will be more books in this universe, but I can guarantee at least these two.

Yes. Merrick will get a book, but not until I have finished- Caught – Balancing Magic. Did you know you can watch my progress and read my rough draft on Wattapad? Check out my profile here: Isoellen's Wattpad

Also, I hope to create more audio narrations for Darre and Naya.
So now I have the goals and just need to accomplish them. Fingers crossed!
17th November
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