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Hello amazing readers -

New Book Release: January 26 2021

Her True Alpha is NOT Merrick's book. And it is only a Novella.
I know you wanted more. I'm sorry. You can always join my Facebook group or follow my podcast for more information on what the heck I am doing with my time!

Pssst- I really over-share my personal life in my group, and I get to talking on my podcast too, yada, yada style. Plus, I read the first chapter of Her True Alpha out loud to give you an idea of what you are in for.

Her True Alpha is a novella that takes place at around the same time as the last chapter in Her Broken Alpha–it’s Phee's story, and you will learn much more about Phee and Naya’s relationship with their mother (because yes, yes, I do have mother issues.) I didn't intend this to be a full novel. I just wanted you to know what was happening with Phee-will she get her happily-ever-after-and some 12 Sectors drama.

While writing it, I mention Crispin. In Her Broken Alpha, he stood out as a unique kind of man who didn’t fit the traditional mold of alpha. And you will meet a drone young lady, with a few secrets of her own.

I am one of those writers whose stories tell themselves. And like the ghosts pressing in around the boy from the movie the 6th Sense, the characters tell me their who they are and what their stories are. I only transcribe. There is a possibility that these characters are going to pop up at some point too. Let me just tell you, they are very “present,” in my head.

It’s kinda crowded in there!

In fact, my style of writing is why Constantine Kane was my first alpha. I sat down to write a sexy anti-hero on my i-pad during the dark hours of a very long and quiet night shift and he started speaking in my ear at first quiet, and then very demanding.

It all started with his crisp white shirt as he rolled back his sleeves.
He said, “Pardon me, but you will tell my story first. And I am not an anti-hero. What this world needs is a man of honor who follows the fuck through on everything he says and everything he is going to do. That’s me. Now sit down and write. Thank you.”

He told me who he was and how to write him every step of the way and would not let me veer back to my idea of this big, kingpin-type anti-hero.
If you like audio–I found someone perfect to voice Kane. An amazing voice artist with the handle of The Handy Man. If you listen to my podcast you would have heard my interview with him!

For December and January, I have been working on finishing the third Orki Warbride book, “Finding Her Freedom”, edits for “Her True Alpha,” and getting out a special post-apocalyptic paranormal dark romance called “Claiming Starlight.”

If you were one of my Wattpad readers you will recognize the names “Sophie and Micah,” and notice you are getting a deeper look inside the world setting from my unfinished post-apocalyptic YA romance “Katie and the Reaper”- I mixed them all up for a short, smexy, werewolf, genre-bending romance that will be another series I’m calling the Apocalypse keys.

Sophie gets her happily ever after, but in a whole different world. Or dimension. Whatever.

You can find me on facebook under the profile Isoellen Writes and in the Omegaverse Readers Association. Look me up on the internet for my podcast Isoellen Writes, Stories For Adults–I livestream using the podbean app and repost to spotify, itunes, google and more. Chat with me on twitter @Isoellen or Tiktok @Isoellen. Writes and @Isoellen, and yes, I am an Instagram where I post lots of really bad love poems.

I am still also on Wattpad, saying hello every now and then. From now on, I will be posting copies of my newsletter updates there in the book: “Alphas, Orki, Magic and Updates!”

If you have been stalking me you know that from 2019 when I wrote Choosing Her Alpha–to now, I have gotten a divorce, lived with my mother during covid, had major dental surgery, struggled with aging and identity issues, visited New Orleans, had massive anxiety and energy problems that came out of nowhere, spent too much time on twitter, written reams of bad-terrible-awful-poetry, traveled back and forth between my home and everywhere else, turned 52, and done some online dating!

My personal life in 2021 wasn't awful, but it was tough. Some emotion-driven-chickens came home to roost, and I was not writing or editing as I should. I’ve been working on the 3rd Orki Warbride book for over six months trying to finish out the series and have been attempting to overcome some anxiety about bringing you all the best book that I can.

Finding Her Freedom is based on the characters from my short, Proper Behavior, in the omegaverse Auctioned Anthology, but it has grown, expanded and been adjusted to fit the Warbride world.

It is also written in decades into the future and without the opening fairy tale 'narration," feel. Niddie is an omega on a world where free and enslaved omegas are valued for their bodies and not their minds. Her own sister, Morella, has attained some power and autonomy within the elite First Families acting as a representative for her husband who is far away at work in space. Morella’s goal is to further the interests of their family and herself, but she wants to use the unbonded Niddie to do it. This book is gonna be my longest yet.

There is one more world and couple to catch you up on. I also started another omegaverse/not omegaverse story called “Caught,” with Anika and Calix. There are several chapters over on Wattpad but it is also unfinished. The goal in 2022 is to finish all the stories that I currently have floating around!

But wait–when is Merrick’s book coming out?

I haven’t started it yet. But he and his lady pushing their way to the front demanding too be seen. They are both out in the windstorms and wild of the Un. The Unlivable, Unfriendly, Unknown. The place where alpha’s and omegas originated as rough tribes to be organized into an army. Rhineholth, Merrick’s father, and his oldest sons saw a better life in the 12 Sectors and decided to take what they wanted. They never looked back.
But there is nothing for Merrick in the 12 Sectors. He has burned every bridge and is a wanted man. Which is where I will start his book.

I hope this update has caught you up on to 2022!

Thanks for stinking with me!
16th January
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I love your books, especially the 12 sectors and I was excited to wait on the one about Alreck and Phee but I feel like the book was so short…is there more about them and what they face? What about the 3 omegas that have found these strong alphas? Are their future stories? When Phee goes back with her sister Anaya to Sector 2 how does that sector evolve now that 2 valuable omegas are living there? I want to know about all 12 sectors and how do each end up coming together now that Kane is king? How does he unite al his brothers and how does his relationship change and improve with his brother Darre?
30th January
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