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New story: Claiming Starlight

Coming In April! NEW book! A New World

If you are on Facebook with me or follow my tiktoks you might have heard me talking about this story. I first started writing it quite some time ago on Wattpad. “Sophie and Micah” were an experiment to see if I could write a real jealous and possessive alpha-hole and his innocent virgin. I re-wrote it in the post-Apocalyptic world of “Katie and the Reaper,” also on Wattpad, and it became: Claiming Starlight–An Apocalypse Keys Novella.
That book will release in April! If you want to find out more, come on over to my website for more information.

Sophie is in training to be a professional virgin sacrifice. Her blood, hair, fingernails, and someday, even her body parts, like a finger bone, etc will become freely given ingredients for magic spells preformed by witches and mages in service for a race of beings who call themselves the vampir.
Not to be confused with the vampire. These guys don’t sparkle, can’t make a human live forever, and do not fall in-love. Like many creatures, they suddenly appeared on earth after Apocalypse Day. Sophie is one of many humans under vampir rule, and the best she can do is obey them and protect her younger brother. She has been sheltered, manipulated, and victimized her entire life.

When her younger brother disappears, she goes in search of him. He was last seen with his new friends, a pair of shifters from the other side of town, outside of vampir authority.

Micah is an alpha shifter. Rejected by most of his former pack, he does his own thing. The shifters, who change into werewolves like the ones from the Underworld movies, also have a human form. Since some gangs of the area resembled pack life, his kind made friends with survivors to adjust to the shock of their new world and losing so many of their kind. Micah is a thug who takes what he wants, but he also keeps his promises, even if they hurt him.

I had a big group of alpha-readers as I re-wrote this story chapter by chapter. They even helped me name it, and pick a name for one character. The group requested a “special” chapter between Micah and Sophie. You know, special with fur and knots. They asked for the werewolf sexy bits! The problem is that I am not sure I can put that type of story on Amazon. I wrote it, but I also wrote it so that I could take that chapter out and fade to black if I have to.

Since I went that far, I kept going and created a first-person immersive audio narration. I asked someone who I think will capture the Micah I envisioned from the start to voice it. Written in the style of “The Commander,” I hope that this is something that some of you audio-book lovers can enjoy.

Watch for a sneak peek of that too!
11th March
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