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January Part 2

-I love Omegaverse

I love omegaverse stories and will probably always write them. But my next book release, Claiming Starlight - the Apocalypse Keys, is not an omegaverse world. This paranormal, post-apocalyptic romance with shifters, alien vampires, magic, gnomes, and troll taxi drivers is my only non-omegaverse world so far.

I am still trying to figure out how we will handle a problematic chapter 8 which has a really smexy sex-in-shifted-form scene. While I know most of my regular readers will be thrilled with the scene, the censors-in-high-places will not. I am thinking it might have to be removed and put some place else for readers to access.

There is also some worry that the first scenes may be too dark and non-consensual, forced seduction for some readers. That's right, this hero, Micah sees what he wants and intends to take her, when, where, and however he desires.

"Finders fucking keepers."

Micah came to be as an challenge to write through the cringy bits and let a darker character like Q from the Monsters in the Dark Series or one of those bully motorcycle biker books, or even one of the men from a Jordan Silver book. He may not be every readers cup of tea, but I hope people find him as smexy-hot as I do.

In Claiming Starlight, Micah is a shifter/werewolf with a dark and painful history and the young woman he wants has been sheltered, somewhat pampered but extremely victimized as a "professional virgin sacrifice."

This book is in edits now. I am hoping to have it out by the beginning of March.

-Are All My Books In One Place?

Right now my books are only available on amazon, except for one story, In The Burn Garden, which is a part of the Monsters After Dark : A Beastly Paranormal Romance Anthology, this book includes writers like the amazing Nora Ash and L.V. Lane, can be bought at all kinds of online book stores like ibooks, google books, kobo, and Barnes and Nobel.

I kinda want to write some more in this world. The central character, Binda, is a strong, mature woman who has faced some difficult times in her life. She knows that her will-power is her strongest weapon in the face of adversity. But she is lonely, will she risk her will to have a moment of respite in a life of hardship and loneliness?

-Free Books!

If you are looking for free books from me and other authors, one of the best place to get them is on Facebook. I have probably given away over twenty books, (print copies and ebooks) since becoming an author. I love to host give aways. I have done give aways on twitter, tiktok, Goodreads, and Facebook. All the big giveaways have been on Facebook. In February myself and other omegaverse authors are hosting a Valentines hop from February 11th - the 14th. Visit author groups, answer a question, and win a free book!

-Where is Isoellen?

I am in New Jersey, dog sitting and getting ready to write Merricks story. He and I and his lady have been growing together, chatting, getting to know who we are now and who we want to be for the last two years. He has never been far from my mind.

In Choosing Her Alpha, Merrick is the youngest brother of Constantine Kane - and Nothonal Darre - he is younger by many years, the baby boy of the family. Rhineholth's last son. He was indulged and spoiled by his older omega sisters and mother, and petted by his father, who made so many mistakes with his other sons, that he indulged this one and tried to raise him in a civilized less brutal manner.

But being spoiled did Merrick no favors as a child. His family unknowingly indulged his selfishness to the point where he expected life to be easy. When he started his service in the king's army he realized life was not going to be easy-so he deserted.

Desertion is punishable by death in the 12 Sectors because this is where and how alphas learn critical lessons of self-control and honor, among other things. To succeed in their society, alphas must have self-control.

Taking short-cuts led Merrick to Sasha's sector. He made a marriage contract with Sasha's mother-a bitter, broken omega -intending to force Sasha into marriage after she reached her maturation and once the mother died.

Sasha was a young omega with property. Even in a poor sector, marriage to an omega like Sasha lends an alpha creditability. If he could bond her, all the better, a bonded male is safe from previous misconduct - death penalties do not apply to fully bonded alphas.

But things didn't work out for Merrick. Sasha escapes him and her new mate, Merrick's brother, is on the hunt for every male that ever harmed her. Merrick ends up hiding in Sector 2, Nothonal Darre's Sector, for a while, honing some of his fighting skills in the pit fights and learning to survive. He is there when news that Sasha has bonded with Kane is announced and decides to leave his poor choices and the 12 Sectors behind.

What do you hate about Merrick most? What do you want to happen with him?

I play around a lot with concepts of physicals and mental maturity in the 12 Sectors. Basically, omega breeders become fully adult after two transitional "maturation" cycles. One cycle happens around 13 and follows a couple years later - and after that her regular heats start. The event is quick, painful, and emotional and brings about a ton of changes including the development of a womanly figure practically overnight.

Some people think of Merrick as the worst kind of pedophile, because he is waiting for Sasha to reach that second cycle, practically standing outside her door in slobbering greed, so that he can mate her and take all her possessions and the status of having an omega wife.

And some people are able to see him as a young, selfish male, just out to get his own, to be respected the easiest, fastest way possible, burning his bridges behind him as he goes.

How do you see Merrick? Do you think he can be redeemed?

21st January
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Hello there! Firstly, I wanna say I enjoy Choosing Her Alpha tremendously. Though there is a certain part I don't really understand - why would Kane get it on with his harem the same night he met Sasha when he later claimed he already fell for her that same day? Secondly, I am really looking forward to your paranormal romance book! It sounds good! Lastly, I am not sure I see Merrick as a pedophile since he technically did not do or fantasize about Sasha as a young girl but more like he lusts after her because he knows what she will become since he knows she is an Omega breeder. Makes sense? So Iook forward to see how you could redeem him in his own book! ;)
26th January
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