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New story: Claiming Starlight

Coming In April! NEW book! A New World If you are on Facebook with me or follow my tiktoks you might have heard me talking about this story. I first started writing it quite some time ago on Watt...
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January Part 2

-I love Omegaverse I love omegaverse stories and will probably always write them. But my next book release, Claiming Starlight - the Apocalypse Keys, is not an omegaverse world. This paranormal, po...
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What I'm Working On

Hello amazing readers - New Book Release: January 26 2021 HER TRUE ALPHA Her True Alpha is NOT Merrick's book. And it is only a Novella. I know you wanted more. I'm sorry. You can alwa...
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A copy of January's email update.

Dear You,  This is a very long update. It will be awhile before I share another one, so I hope you have the time to read it. Books:  Finding Her Luck, first published on Wattpad, will be out at...
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What I've been up to.

I have been up to many things. Unfortunately, one of them isn’t a lot of book writing. Too many distractions. Covid, family, to-do lists, personal growth, side projects, podcasting, deviations, pro...
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