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He Is The Storm

He is a storm
Crashing into my life
A clandestine brontide
On my horizon
Gifting moments
of dazzling gleamy pillars and motes
where I dance, sway
Shining before him
My skin on fire
Before the smell of ozone
Roaring in the rush of tunneled feeling
Blue veined tracery
Delicate misted laces give way to
Demand’s thunder
A sky breaking in waves
Of minor gods battling
Glassed over, I melted
Soaked in him
Invited into a decadence
The rain spiking skin
Swelling lips
Bleeding deeds
He expands, consuming
Asking from his warring mounds
If I will open my mouth
Take the storm on my tongue
And hold it there
despite the bite
Of lighting.
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Welcoming Him Home

His desire is my desire
His hunger spills like rapture
In warm hot waves
From his gravity
Pulling me in
To circle,
To order
To please.
I crave the taste of this wine
Only he makes
This squeezed, pressed, vatted
That he hides away in the dark
And shares with me.
I will inhale it, drink it, bathe in it
In however he chooses to pour it into me,
Welcoming him home
In celebration.
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Dark Places

You drove me shocking
My legs splayed open and your voice commanding in my ear
Untethered from self, from anxiety, from fear
Every protection peeled back like a flower in blossom
Breath pumping, control lost, yours to command
Chasing your will like the peak of my ending
Owned, totally owned, down to the moment of my making.
Counting, you drew me up to the climb
Commanding you pushed me over, hard, contracting, wild
Bucking into blooming luscious
Panting my skin singing, tingling,
I won’t forget that you showed me what my body could do
I won’t forget that I would never have gone there
But for you
I won’t forget the commands burned in my being
I won’t forget how I’m owned,
Even when you are not here seeing.
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Ferocious Beast

Isoellen Writes

Ferocious starving thing
hiding in the dark
I know you're waiting patiently
stalking me, to make your mark.
I know your teeth are sharp
your claws bred for rending.
There's danger in your hunting ways
And an appetite that needs tending.
I smile my secret smile
toward your shadow laced haunt
my red hood falls, white throat exposed
I’m crushing violets in my reckless jaunt.
I've never feared, dear forest beast
In the dark, sharp and furry.
In your growl I only find temptation
I don't do weak, you wild thing
But in your powerful frame I find connection
Opening my hand
My red velvet robes fall wide
revealing all my secrets
showing all the scars I meant to hide.
You see me now, the price I've paid
to walk free in this forest realm
Will you choose me, now
claim me now, does my own beast overwhelm?
I know how to bleed and how to feed
you great, ferocious starving thing.
I can see your face and meet your eye
dark and lonely monster king.
Will you lurk just out of reach
In shadows I feel but cannot breach?
The choice is yours
you lovely beast
To choose to become the tamed
To come to me, walk with me
Let me ease your tired, bleeding, hungry
by speaking sweetly to your lonely.
I call you to me,
Promise gentle, loyal and free
I’ll let you feed from the hope of me
But you must choose
To only ever
See me.
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My Words 1.

My words are my beauty
My succulent corruption,
A layered agony of
Ageless seduction.
They are vibrant thick
Oil paint, across my
Keyboard canvas -
Stories to tease the beast and
Wet the maiden,
A legacy of power
Time cannot erase.
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