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An introduction to my words.

I’ve always written poetry as a short form way to express feelings, to tell my personal story. Along with the words in my books in 2020, I revisited writing poetry. I challenged myself to be honest, to explore romance and desire in ways I never had before. To use words like color and art media, as many colors and different types of media from paint to crayons, as I could.

I believe poetry is subjective. I share these with you hoping we might make a connection, that you might have an interaction with this part of my personal experience, but if you do not, if the odd shape and forms of the art make no sense to you, or if you find it uncomfortable and must look away, that is okay too. Mainly, I do this for me. It is my shout in the dark. My moment of saying I was here, and this is what I felt about being a human. Being a woman. And the journeys of love, passion, grief and faith we all take.

Warning: My poetry, like my writing, is at varying levels of Adult Only and NSFW. It explores themes that many consider to be within the BDSM scope.
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